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Which one of these outfits is more appropriate for a funeral?

Which is more appropriate (for a girl) to wear to a funeral:

Light blue sweater with 3/4 sleeves and khaki pants


White longsleeve button-up shirt with light flowers and khaki pants

Which one of these outfits is more appropriate for a funeral?
Black or dark colors is most appropriate.

But out of the two outfits you named I%26#039;d go with the second.

Sorry for your loss.
Reply:It depends on your culture and/or country. In the U.S. most cultures dictate dark clothing for funerals, in which case neither of your outfits are a good choice.
Reply:black %26amp; white color...:)
Reply:A grey, black or navy blue suit would be most appropriate. But out of the two outfits I%26#039;d select number 2.

I%26#039;m sorry for your loss.
Reply:They both sound just fine to wear to a funeral- Theres is not a dress code really anymore as long as your not wearing clubbing clothes or beach wear.
Reply:The blue sweater.
Reply:If it is a traditional type funeral the darker the more acceptable.If it is a celebration of the persons life then wear the brightest .
Reply:Either is fine. And don%26#039;t let people say you have to wear dark colors because you don%26#039;t. Just stay conservative and respectful.
Reply:I like the first one, because you cant go wrong with simplicity and a pretty blue sweater.
Reply:Either sounds appropriate.

Without being able to see I can%26#039;t give a definite answer.

In general any outfit that is tasteful and subdued is fine. Anything flashy, immodest, and designed to draw attention to yourself is not appropriate. The focus should be on honoring the deceased and comforting the family, not showing off.

Whichever outfit will be comfortable for you and allow you to not feel self-conscious, rather aware of others%26#039; needs/feelings is fine.

My condolences and sympathies.
Reply:As long as they are conservative outfits, either one would be fine.
Reply:They both sound fine to me .
Reply:Neither. Traditionally you wear black at a funeral. Wear a simple white blouse with a black suit, if you have one, or black skirt and jacket. If you do not have suitable black clothes wear something neat and discreet, certainly not floral patterns or bright clothes unless the deceased requested it. A funeral is a time of mourning and although it is good to remember joyful times it is also the last stage of the grieving process. Please don%26#039;t treat it frivolously.
Reply:I think either outfit would be alright. Ask yourself which one would look better to you for a funeral. You would want it to be appropriate but not overly where attention my be on you rather than the funeral.
Reply:Both r str8
Reply:Either one is fine, dress according to the weather...and for comfort.
Reply:They both sound very nice. The important thing is that you attend for those left behind and they will just be glad you are there.
Reply:Both are fine, but a mid-length skirt would be better.
Reply:If you wear these clothes to a sad, somber event like a funeral, you won%26#039;t have anything to wear to a picnic at the lake!

wearing dark colors is a reflection of your emotions for the situation. Dark and conservative for a funeral, save the flowers for easter and parties.
Reply:Either is fine. Like someone said %26quot;conservative and respectful%26quot;

You do not have to wear black.
Reply:I think both are appropriate. I didn%26#039;t wear black to my dad%26#039;s funeral. He wouldn%26#039;t have liked it.

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One of my best friends fathers just passed away and I am unable to attend the funeral what can I do?

An out-of-town obligation within my own family is not allowing me to attend the funeral or the family visitation. I am planning to take a meal, send flowers, etc. - she understands - but I am having difficulty not being there - I am looking for suggestions on what I can do to provide my support from afar.

One of my best friends fathers just passed away and I am unable to attend the funeral what can I do?
give your friend a flying hug

it should show her that you care
Reply:I know what you are going through. I went through it a few years ago when my best friends dad passed away. Let her know that your thoughts are with her and she has your support. I could not go do to work, they would not let me off.
Reply:you%26#039;re doing all that you can do. calling her to ask how she%26#039;s doing might help, but really those days of the viewing and funeral are so busy and emotional, that i%26#039;d just be there for her while you%26#039;re in town and then check on her as soon as you get back.

take care:)
Reply:Send a sympathy card and flowers to the service
Reply:Send, flowers, a beautiful card, and include a letter of regret explaining why. This is all etiquette demands. Your friend will, I know, understand.
Reply:That%26#039;s a really hard decision...Is there some other way you can al least attend a little bit of it, and then you can go? That is my best advise. Sorry.

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My turkish boyfriends father just passed away, what do i do for the funeral?

His funeral is tomorrow, and I want to know what is appropriate, as far as flowers, cards etc are concerned? is there any sort of traditional protocol I should follow?

My turkish boyfriends father just passed away, what do i do for the funeral?
First, my condolences to you and your boyfriend.Though the occasion is a sad one, the answer is simple.Tell your boyfriend how sorry you are that he lost his father, that you love him and know he is in a lot of pain and probably confused, and to tell you how you can help ease his sorrow.Remember even if is Turkish, he is still a human being with a heart that is in mourning.Being there for him any way that helps him is more important than the protocols i.e flowers, cards, etc.
Reply:Sending cards or flowers isn%26#039;t really common here. As for what you can do...try to be there. Ask the family if they need anything. You can even cook for them if you know how to cook Turkish food. Or you can even make and serve tea or coffee to the visitors.

If you don%26#039;t feel comfortable doing these, just be there and try to share their sorrow. That will do.
Reply:personally if it was my case I%26#039;d want my lover to be there for me, hold me confort me, and if you weren%26#039;t planning on it go to the funeral and to the wake with him,,

as for the flowers and card,,it would be really secondary compared to you being there for him

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My wife's uncle died. She doesn't think she can attend the funeral but is afraid of hurting her dad?

My wife had an uncle who has been very generous in sending us money for Christmas and our wedding, etc.. He was living in assisted living and didn%26#039;t want to see anybody so my wife hasn%26#039;t seen him in like 15 or 20 years. He lived about 20 hours from us. He passed away this weekend. My wife just realized that she only has 2 vacation days between now and July and we have 2 toddlers that get sick often. Her work policy is that sick, funeral or vacation all come from the same bucket. My wife%26#039;s family is small and because he kept to himself, she only expects maybe 4 or 5 people to show up at the funeral. She thinks that because of her situation with time away from work, that she needs to not go to the funeral, but she%26#039;s afraid of hurting her father by not being there for him.

Is it offensive for her not to go? How can she make amends with her father given this situation? Is there anything..beyond sending flowers..that we can do to show our support? Suggestions please!

My wife%26#039;s uncle died. She doesn%26#039;t think she can attend the funeral but is afraid of hurting her dad?
what about making a donation in your wife%26#039;s uncle%26#039;s name to a charity that the family supports? Use the money that traveling to the funeral would cost...

I%26#039;m sure that everyone will understand that with new jobs, its just impossible for you to get away right now
Reply:She should still go. Family is what matters...regardless of the work policy, he was a beloved family member. Besides, she may think of getting a different job anyways as any job that would not allow me leniency for a family situation is certainly not the job for me.
Reply:This is a difficult and hard time. With just relocating, it would be a bad time to ask for timeoff. I%26#039;m not sure about her work%26#039;s policy for funerals but if she gets only 2 days off it would be hard for her to take it now if one of your kids gets sick.

I%26#039;d like to say her Dad should understand the place she%26#039;s in but I%26#039;m sure he%26#039;s upset at his brother%26#039;s passing and won%26#039;t be thinking of that.

Of course send flowers expressing your regrets, call her father and explain the situation as best you can and have her(if she can) tell her Dad that while she would love to be with him at this time it just isn%26#039;t possible. Some people may be upset if she doesn%26#039;t go but those people don%26#039;t know what your wife is dealing with.
Reply:How much leave time do you get at work? If one of the kids gets sick could you take time off to stay with them? If your wife was close to her uncle and wants to go to the funeral she should try to go. This may be a good opportunity to develop a relationship with her boss. Explain the situation and ask the boss if there%26#039;s any way around it. If she can%26#039;t get the time off she can send a card with a meaningful personal note to her Dad. She can also call her Dad and talk to him. He may be OK with her not going since she hasn%26#039;t seen him in so long.
Reply:A death in the family is ALWAYS a good enough reason to get away from work or anything else to attend...Funerals are the few times when families get together, and, %26quot;why%26#039;s that?%26quot;, you wonder?...
Reply:Yes, this will definitely be one of those situations that she will regret. It is disrespectful. He has been so generous to you guys. You should pick her up and get her to go. Even if you cannot go, get her to go.


Does anybody know what song they want played at their funeral?

I just wanted to know if I%26#039;m the only that thinks about that kind of stuff.. Like I know exactly how I want my funeral to be.. its not like I%26#039;m being morbid or anything.. I guess I%26#039;m just planning ahead??

For me- I want there to be lots of flowers, not too sad of an occasion.. I would like Moonlight Sonata to be played.. idk it%26#039;s a solemn song but. I like it.. but idk.. do you have a funeral if you want to be cremated?? well if you don%26#039;t im going to have one anyways.. :]

anyone else think about this stuff??

Does anybody know what song they want played at their funeral?
lol thats normal, i never think about my wedding oddly enough, just my funerall. I want it to be like an Irish wake where everyone is celebrating my life instead of my death. I want either I Will Remember You by Sarah McLauchlan (sp) to be played OR Walk It Out by Unk to be played...preferably Walk It Out lolol. Then all my VIP guests would get up and give a nice memory about me.
Reply:I think about stuff like this. I need to get a will drawn up.....not that I have a ton of stuff or anything! lol I want %26quot;Holes in the Floor of Heaven%26quot; by.....ummm...I can%26#039;t remember his name right now. And people do have funerals when they are cremated, I think they are called memorial services. And honey, it%26#039;s your funeral, you get what you want!
Reply:The music from the tails from the crypt.
Reply:Something by They Might Be Giants coz I can%26#039;t get people to listen to them when I%26#039;m alive so they%26#039;ll damn well listen when I%26#039;m dead!
Reply:Fade to Black by Metallica
Reply:I plan to be cremated and then a short memorial service.

I have asked a friend to sing %26quot;That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine%26quot; by Gene Autry for my daughters...... that is, if my friend outlives me.. **grin**
Reply:Na,na,na,na hey, hey , know the song
Reply:snopy dogs,s song
Reply:I am going to cremated ( I am not going into a hole for eternity), but at the ceremony I want them to anti-war song from the %26#039;60s like %26quot;I aint marchin anymore%26quot; or %26quot;universal soilder%26quot;.

Or maybe a really slow song then have a real fast hardcore rap song come up......then it stop abruptly then they hear my voice saying something, like I love you all or I pwn.
Reply:Don%26#039;t Worry, Be Happy.
Reply:No, you%26#039;re not the only one. Sometimes I wonder who would come too. I want mine to be more of a party than anything else. I want there to be orange day lilies and pink hibiscuses everywhere. I want them to play %26quot;Twist and Shout%26quot; by the Beatles. I love that song! Who cares if it doesn%26#039;t go with a funeral?
Reply:nope, no idea yet
Reply:well there will def be an open bar at my funeral
Reply:i think it wud be interesting to make a recording of my voice.

i want them to play because you love me. then halfway through the song my voice will boom out %26quot;I%26#039;M RICK JAMES B*TCH!!!%26quot;
Reply:festering in the crypt by cannibal corpse
Reply:All I know is I don%26#039;t want to burn!
Reply:Hey, it%26#039;s not morbid to dwell an eventuality

The song I%26#039;d like to be played at my wake is %26#039;Amazing Grace%26#039; because I have been there, done that, and it wasn%26#039;t all strawberries and cream. I.E.: Vietnam. Of course, I%26#039;d like an Irish wake, the real Irish wake where they take me out the coffin and put me in a corner with a triple shot of Jameson on the rocks. Than, oft to the crematory where an urn awaits my remains. By the way, my soul will be in a parallel universe..
Reply:Knock Knock Knockin on Heavens Door- by Mr Bob Dylan- great man- great song-, someone sent me a link for Bob Singing this- but l cant find it?- maybe someone can send it for us all to try-WOW great- thanks -love Jo xx
Reply:Staying Alive by the Bee Gees
Reply:i want to be cremated

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How do you attach dried flowers into a shadowbox?

I have dried whole roses from my mothers funeral and would like to make a memorial in a glass shadow box, but I am not sure how to attach the very delicate flowers to the cloth covered cardboard backing?

How do you attach dried flowers into a shadowbox?
Why don`t you try some florists`s really cheap..and you can insert the flowers where u want...spray flowers with a light covering of hair spray to preserve longer.
Reply:a hot glue gun will work great

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What do different color of flowers mean?

Differant color of flowers signify differant things. Like Red may mean I love you, yellow signifies something, white, etc. Please i need to know what color is for I%26#039;ll never forget you. Its for a funeral, which is in a few hours.

What do different color of flowers mean?
Red: passionate, the color of hearts and flames, attracts attention and speed up metabolism. Pink is associated with romance. Deep red looks aristocratic.

Yellow: Lively, happy, the color of sunshine and daffodils. Bright yellow can be oppressive, pale yellow breezy and springlike.

Green: Tranquil, pastoral, the color of trees, grass. Associated with spring, fertility, poison, jealousy. Dark green is eloquent bringing to mind the deep quiet of a pine forest.

Blue: The color of sky and sea it has a calming effect but is also powerful, the strongest of the colors after red. Light blues looks young and sporty, navy dignified and wealthy.

Purple: Sophisticated, associated with royalty.

Brown: Rich, fertile like soil. Also sad, wistful-like leaves in autumn. Also suggests a rustic, natural or opulent look as in leather.

White: Purity, virginity, innocence, peace. Can also be associated with sterility and winter.

Black: The color of night and death, often linked with evil, wealth and elegance
Reply:your local florist will know